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Data Cabling & Structured Wiring Systems Surrey

Customer in Horley

May 2013

Installation of external power socket and additional internal sockets in garage.


“The installation was done very neatly and they worked around a quite cluttered garage without any problem. Jason and his colleague were both very courteous and worked efficiently. I am very glad we've had the work done as we have been using the garage as a utility room with extension leads everywhere.”


For business or for home entertainment, data cabling is a must have. Pro Electrical, Surrey, provide Data Cabling and Structured Wiring System installations for residential and commercial properties. Working in a business without a correctly installed networking system can negatively influence its efficiency – however a well organised structured data cabling system will ensure your business can run smoothly and efficiently. At Pro Electrical, we’re able to install data cabling and structured wiring solutions in sizes from 1 to 1,000. Having had experience in a wide selection of varied environments such as; homes, schools, hotels manufacture and retail centres, we guarantee a safe, valuable installation of data cabling that will last for years to come.​

As technology advances and Smart TVs are being set up in more and more homes, a large number of clients require structured wiring solutions. A vast amount of new business owners also need electrical wiring at a higher level within their facility or home office in order to share data and work effectively. Our skilled, experienced electrical engineers listen to your requirements and based on your needs, install data points for you. In an office, data points could be used for a wide range of appliances such as computer networks, laptops and desktops, new or additional telephone systems, new printers and further requirements you may have for your office. In terms of leisurely purposes, data points can be installed for Smart TV; media centres for music or file sharing and hard drives for backing up files, music and media.​

How we install data cabling in Surrey

Data cabling for CCTV in Surrey

At Pro Electrical we will tailor our methods to accommodate everyone's needs – whether they be as simple as directly wiring a router or as complex as cabling for a full network system. Our able team will have a solution for any problem. If you live in Surrey and would like a quote on fitting data cabling in your home or office, call us on 0800 644 6394 or email us at info@pro-electrical.co.uk.​

In England and Wales, 8,403 thefts were reported in the last two months. Having wired your office or home professionally will minimise the likelihood of your possessions being a target for theft. Your shiny new office gleams with iMacs and state-of-the-art telephones, wired perfectly by professionals. Your children love their new Smart TV wired by data cables. Many forward-thinking individuals will install CCTV, Intruder Alarms or door access systems, which will also need Data Cabling and Structured Wiring Systems. Pro Electrical can protect your valuables by maintaining your security systems effectiveness; without professional help, your security won’t work to standards.