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Electricity can kill: as a landlord, don't be responsible 

Are you a Landlord without an up-to-date Electrical Installation Condition Report or PAT Test certificate? Secure one today.

Pro Electrical have registered electricians at hand to help landlords in and around the Horsham area - our electrical contractors exists to provide safe solutions to all your electrical needs. Landlords, you are responsible for your tenant's electrical safety. It is a legal requirement to ensure that qualified electricians install your electrics and that you have all these tested correctly, so here at Pro Electrical, we provide help to landlords to achieve safe and correct electrical installations throughout Horsham and the surrounding areas. 

The Electrical Safety Council states that an astounding 2.5 million individuals received a main voltage electric shock – resulting in 19 people being killed. Not only that, fires can be caused too. Due to a lack of maintenance, in the same year, 43,351 accidental domestic fires were caused, of which over 50% were of electrical origin. An individual's home should be a safe environment. Throughout the day electricity is used from watching the television to washing your clothes. But without proper electrical installation, you could be at risk!


If you are a landlord, you're responsible for amending any faults and have regulations to uphold. If your tenant is at risk of serious injury or potential death caused by electrical defects this could lead to prosecution for manslaughter – with a considerable fine of up to £5,000. If you're a landlord and are unaware of this, you are not alone. Research has found that 40% of landlords were not informed of the penalties for failing electrical safety. 


It is your responsibility. 

Why is electrical safety so important 

At Pro Electrical in Horsham, we can stop these statistics increasing. Even though a tenant must report any electrical problem as soon as they can, it is a landlord's responsibility to ensure inspections are carried out in regards to the safety of appliances and the electrical installation has been performed correctly.  Additionally, by law, all landlords must be able to provide evidence that all electrical work meets Part P to avoid prosecution. You can be assured that electricians at Pro Electrical are qualified – all our engineers are Part P certified. This meaning that all work is done safely and meets building regulations.



Are you a landlord in Horsham? Would you rather pay for a professional, trustworthy electrician or put your residents and yourself at risk? Call us today on 0800 644 6394 or drop us an email at info@pro-electrical.co.uk.