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Electricity can kill: as a landlord, don't be responsible 

Are you a Landlord without an up-to-date Electrical Installation Condition Report or PAT Test certificate? Secure one today.

The Electrical Safety Council states that an astounding 2.5 million individuals received a mains voltage electric shock, in whom an unnerving 350,000 million people were seriously injured, and, even more worryingly, 19 were killed. Your home should be your safe place. Electricity is used all day everyday – without giving it one thought. Making dinner, watching TV, using the Internet, keeping your house warm, keeping your shower warm, washing your clothes… the list is endless and without proper electrical installation and safe wiring maintenance, you could be at risk. Electric shocks can be fatal and if you’re a landlord, you’re responsible for not amending any faults.


As a landlord, you have many regulations to uphold. Putting your tenants at risk of serious accidents or potential death caused by electrical fires or wiring problems will lead to prosecution for manslaughter, with a hefty fine of up to £5,000. Research suggests that almost 40% of landlords are unaware of the penalties for failing to maintain electrical safety. Electric shocks are not the only hazard – fires can be caused too, due to a lack of maintenance upkeep. In this same year almost three million individuals risked their lives to neglected wires, 43,351 accidental domestic fires were provoked, of which just over 50% were fires of an electrical origin. Over 20,000 fires are caused by faulty electricity every year, and electrical products generate 89% of all electrical fires.

At Pro Electrical in Horsham, we can stop these rising statistics – and help you safeguard you and your residents. Tenants must report electrical problems as soon as they appear. However, a landlord has the duty to ensure periodic inspections, safety of appliances and correct electrical installation. To ensure a reliable survey, you must use a registered electrician and research into them before you make your decision. Our electrical engineers are Part P certified, meaning that all work done is certificated as safe. By law, all landlords must be able to prove that all electrical installation work meets Part P to avoid prosecution. Once we’ve completed work and have submitted it for control, we will arrange for our clients to receive a certificate that confirms that the work meets Building Regulations. Your tenants risk death or injury living in an unsuspecting home, especially when using appliances without a CE marking and electrical products that haven’t been properly installed. To ensure safety of products and installations, a professional examination from us at Pro Electrical will help. Would you rather pay for a trustworthy, experienced electrical conductor or would you rather put you and your residents more at risk?


Are you a landlord living in Horsham? If so, do you match the criteria needed to avoid any penalties? With being a landlord, you must use a professional electrical engineering company to maintain your home or rented property's safety. Call us on 0800 644 6394, or give us an email on info@pro-electrical.co.uk.