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Landlords - Redhill

Landlords: You're responsible for your tenant's electrical safety in Redhill - don't be prosecuted 

Are you a Landlord without an up to date Electrical Installation Condition Report or PAT Test certificate?

Pro Electrical actively promotes the importance of electrical testing to landlords throughout Redhill. After years of experience in this field, Pro Electrical understand the dangers of electrics, which we tend to ignore. If you lend out homes or commercial properties to people in Redhill you are liable for the penalty if the electrics in the property are faulty. With us you can guarantee a thorough inspection and test of all the electrical equipment and wires in your house to ensure that you tenants are safe and secure.



You can be fined heavily and imprisoned if the electrics in your property have been neglected and haven’t been tested within the 10-year recommendation. You can ensure a professional, reliable electrician service with us here in Redhill that is because we have established an excellent reputation over the years through amazing customer service end electrical installation.  We take our electrics for granted, it’s only when something fatal happens that we pay attention to them. As a landlord it’s your responsibility to ensure you deal with a reliable electrician who install your electrics, perform PAT testing and ensure that your wiring is installed effectively. 


It’s important to get your electrics checked before a tenant moves into your property; you do not want any casualties on your hands. If you’re a new or long-standing landlord, Pro Electrical are the electricians you need in Redhill, we ensure no project is complete until optimum electrical safety and testing is achieved. We want to make certain our landlords and their tenants are safe from any potential electrical hazards. If you suspect a problem with your electrics or haven’t had them tested in quite some time, you should consider investing in new electric installations or having your electrical appliances and wires tested. We have worked in the trade for many years and understand all the standards that need to be taken in order to carry out a safe and professional electrical project.  


Could you be risking the lives of your tenant? Keep your tenants safe and in turn, avoid penalties by speaking to a member of our team today. Call us for a quote on 0800 644 6394 or email us at info@pro-electrical.co.uk.