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Landlords - Reigate

Landlords: You're responsible for your tenant's electrical safety in Reigate - don't be prosecuted 

Are you a Landlord without an up to date Electrical Installation Condition Report or PAT Test certificate?

If you’re a landlord within the Reigate area, Pro Electrical actively promotes you have your electric installed or tested by professionals, if you haven’t already done so. As a landlord you are responsible for the safety of your tenants and you are responsible for ensuring your electrics are working properly, which is why we recommend getting your electrical tested within 10 years. You can receive hefty penalties including fines and prosecution if a serious or fatal accident was to occur through faulty electrics, therefore you should highly consider getting your electrics installed professionally or tested reliably.



As Pro Electrical has dealt with electrics for many years and established valuable experience handling and installing them we can see the potential electrical and fire hazards that come from faulty electrics, that’s why we want to make certain that you and your tenants are safe. Our main priority is you and your tenant’s wellbeing; you can’t put to high of a price on professional electrical installation that’s why we ensure competitively priced electricians who are vetted and experienced. If you suspect that your electrics are faulty or if you haven’t had the tested in years, Pro Electrical are here to provide Reigate landlords with exceptional quality electrical replacements and/or installations. 


If you have tenants moving into the property, it will also make you appear trustworthy if they know that your electrics have been tested, it will also allow you, as a landlord, to be rest assured that you have secure electrics. It’s mandatory that your electrics are installed and tested by vetted professional electricians only otherwise you could risk being fined for this furthermore. Looking for an electrician in Reigate that you can trust? Speak to our team here at Pro Electrical we can provide landlords with advice on your electrics and/or provide you with an excellent quality installation that complies with the law and meets safety requirements.


Could you be risking the lives of your tenant? Keep your tenants safe and in turn, avoid penalties by speaking to a member of our team today. Call us for a quote on 0800 644 6394 or email us at info@pro-electrical.co.uk.