Emergency Lighting Certificate


Emergency Lighting Certificate

We can provide you with an Emergency Lighting Certificate once an emergency lighting and testing inspection has been carried out in your property. It must be held in a safe place as proof of compliance and for health and safety purposes, is recommended in the UK.

Once our electricians have carried out the emergency light testing you, will receive your certificate as well as provide any recommendations we may have. This is to highlight any defects, damage or dangerous conditions that need to be considered for future reference.

How often should this be checked?

Although there are different time scales these checks should be carried out on a regular basis. They should be registered in a log book to allow for recorded keeping of all work carried out. It should be down to the Employer, Building Owner or Building Controller to protect those within the building and anyone legally entering the premises. 

Man holding tablet, checking emergency exit sign
fire exit

Why is it important?

Emergency light testing is important to be carried out to ensure all the lights are working correctly and safely. It is the first line of escape in an emergency, and important to illuminate the safest and nearest exit. If this is not maintained it can lead to accident, injury and sometimes even death. Furthermore, this can lead to prosecution to the premises owner or employer due to negligence.  

Emergency lighting is vital to any builder no matter of size or nature of the business. It must be maintained by law and tested on a regular basis to ensure the safety of those within it. 

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