Periodic Inspection Surrey


What is a Periodic Inspection?

A Periodic Inspection allows an electrician to inspect the condition of an electrical installation and any deficiencies against the national safety standards. Like anything, electric installations may deteriorate and cause general wear and tear which is why important that they are inspected. At Pro Electrical we can provide a Periodic Inspection in Surrey and surrounding areas.

It is recommended by the British Standards that a Periodic Inspection is carried out at least…


A domestic installation should be tested every 10 years. A property that includes a swimming pool should be tested every year.


A commercial installation should be tested every 5 years.


Prior to selling a property or when a new tenant is agreed. Otherwise every 5 years.

What does it involve?

A Periodic Inspection will allow to check if any property have any faults that need to be addressed for the safety of those within the premises.  If an electrical circuit has not been installed properly this can lead to a shock or fire hazard. A Periodic Inspection will allow a trained electrician to see any defects that need to be fixed. 

Once a periodic inspection has been carried out you will be given a certificate from the electrical engineer. This is known as an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) and will outline any issues that may have arisen from the inspection and will need to be addressed as they are not aligned with current safety standards. 

If the Periodic Inspection comes back negative, work will need to be carried out imminently to remove the risk and ensure the safety of those within the premises.  

Electric Residential Fuses
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What happens when the inspection is passed?

Once an electrical engineer is satisfied that the property is safe, all work has been completed and has passed the periodic inspection you will receive an EICR Safety Certificate to provide you and those within the premises the re assurance that they are safe. 

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